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Mexican Pharmacy – Taking Responsibility for a Sustainable Future

Starting from a very small pharmacy in one of the country town, Mexican pharmacies are currently one of the most developed chains both inside and outside the country. We are heading towards the development of a pharmacy network not only in Mexico, but also abroad. We do all our best to satisfy all your needs and provide a decent future for the Mexican healthcare system.

Based on experience, we look to the future and understand that time does not stand still. So do we. Many new areas, such as the loyalty program and pharmacy centers, first appeared in Mexico precisely on the initiative of our network. Being the first-comes with great responsibility, but we are not afraid to go forward, and we are not frightened to open new horizons together with our customers. We work only with trusted suppliers and manufacturers.

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Company’s Philosophy and Values: The Path To Your Peace Of Mind

The significant success achieved by our company is the result of hard work and a clear philosophy, which is based on five main components:

  1. Product quality. We work only with trusted suppliers and manufacturers. Everything, from transportation conditions to the temperature regime in the sales area, is subject to strict control. To do this, we have created a special control and audit department, where employees constantly check the compliance of each network pharmacy according to strict standards.
  2. A wide range. More than 650 items, including rare medicines, cosmetics, orthopedic products could be found at our pharmaceutical chain.
  3. Affordable prices. Despite the significant costs (staff training, the widest range of items, the interiors of trading floors), we control the growth of prices within the network. Medicines (both prescribed and over-the-counter) should be available to everyone. In addition, we provide a discount of up to 15% to regular customers.
  4. Competence of staff. Thanks to the professional staff of our pharmacies, who are constantly improving their knowledge, all the customers have a great opportunity to get competent advice, and the necessary consultation. All the pharmacists regularly improve their skills through various courses, trainings, and conferences. The main areas of training are: pharmacology and pharmacotherapy, pharmaceutical deontology and psychology, cosmeceuticals, management and sales management.
  5. The comfort of customers. The last, but not the least point is how customer feel in our pharmacies. Respectful, polite treatment, quality goods, constant discounts and gifts, consultations with qualified specialists — all these you can find at any Mexican pharmacy. We love our customers, and they fully reciprocate.
Mexican Pharmacy Online Price Transparency
Our mission is simple: to make medicines affordable.

We have shortened the path of medicines from the manufacturer to the consumer as much as possible. Working directly with manufacturers and distributors, we not only provide medicines at low prices, but also guarantee the authenticity of the goods.

In addition to low prices, we are also working tirelessly to expand our range to make finding medicines easy for you. In pharmacies and on the website, you will find a wide range of medicines, medical equipment, medical cosmetics, sports nutrition, products for mothers and babies, etc.

An important role in success is played by the introduction of modern methods of work, which allow us to remain at the proper level and even surpass competitors. A huge role in this was played by the creation of a unique loyalty system. As a result, at the moment, we have more than 70,000 regular customers. The highlight of the system is its mono-brand. It stimulates customers not only with discounts, but also with bonuses that can be exchanged for gifts. None of our direct competitors can currently offer an analog of such a system.

Community Engagement: Giving Back to Our Roots

It is not a secret at all that the development of any pharmaceutical company is highly dependent on the history and roots of the country. Mexico is no exception. Thanks to the development of traditional medicine and the widespread use of medicinal plants, the inhabitants of the country were able to discover many medicinal recipes that help maintain health to this day. But also, a traditional part of Mexican culture is the presence of a doctor in every pharmacy. You may be surprised by it, but it’s true.

If you live in Mexico, you know that the easiest and cheapest way to get a consultation from a doctor is to go to the nearest pharmacy. In almost every large pharmacy network, there are so-called “consultorios medicos” where the real doctor works. Pharmacy doctors accept everyone: Mexicans and foreigners, tourists, children and adults. You should not worry about the license, as all the doctors who work in pharmacies are both licensed and certified. Actually, they can work simultaneously in state and private clinics, and regularly have different trainings.

Of course, you should talk to pharmacy doctors only in special cases: high temperature, sore throat, mild trauma, rashes on the skin. Even if you don’t know exactly which specialist you need, start a consultation with a pharmacy doctor. He will refer you to other specialists. A pharmacy doctor can prescribe you medicines that you may buy in the same pharmacy, if you wish. The biggest advantage of consultation with a pharmacy doctor is its low cost. No one will impose the appointment of unnecessary tests and the purchase of unnecessary drugs. In general, the level of medicine in Mexico is indeed high, even in the most ordinary pharmacies. Also, one of the interesting facts is that a lot of doctors go to work in pharmacies as volunteers without receiving any salary. Their main goal is to help people.

Feel the Difference with Mexico Drugstore
Mexico pharmacy meets all modern standards and requirements and is not inferior to foreign companies. At the same time, Mexican pharmacological services are in many ways superior to American or European services. The important point that distinguishes Mexican Pharmacies from US ones is that prior to July 2010, almost any medicine could be purchased without a doctor’s prescription.

Mexico pharmacy meets all modern standards and requirements and is not inferior to foreign companies. At the same time, Mexican pharmacological services are in many ways superior to American or European services. The important point that distinguishes Mexican Pharmacies from US ones is that prior to July 2010, almost any medicine could be purchased without a doctor’s prescription.

Due to the high price of medicines in the US, many Americans go to Mexico to buy the necessary medicines. Some people buy name brand drugs at a reduced price, others buy generic products. Recently, the system of discounts on medicines has become widespread in Mexico, mainly due to the growth of pharmaceutical companies that offer generic drugs as an alternative to brand name drugs. Even brand-name drugs are sometimes (but not always) cheaper in Mexico than in the US and Europe, so buying the “verified” drugs won’t cost you more and shield you from the risk of generic and cheap drugs.

A Name Synonymous with Health Trust


Currently, the range of Mexican pharmacies meets the needs of the most demanding customers. Health and beauty centers are also a trend of the times, so all our customers are not only offered medical cosmetics from the world’s leading manufacturers, but also medical consultants who provide qualified advice about the use of cosmetics.


There are also some orthopedic departments for people in need of orthopedic and medical products for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the spine and joints, and the musculoskeletal system. They can not only receive expert advice, but also carry out express diagnostics of spinal deformities and foot diseases.


A fundamental part of success lies in the maximum automation of all production processes. This is not only computerization, but also a rather serious automated decision-making system, that was developed by the employees of the company. But the main component of success is the kind, friendly attitude of our pharmacy staff and our customers. We position ourselves as a pharmacy for the whole family, and we are trying to revive the former respect of people for the profession of a pharmacist, treating him as a person from whom you can always get professional advice and support.