Our proprietary technology, the Mexican pharmacy II Delivery System, utilizes transscleral iontophoresis to deliver optimal therapeutic levels of drug directly into the targeted ocular tissue. It offers a potential alternative to current delivery modalities such as eye drops and ocular injections. More importantly, it overcomes many of the key limitations of such delivery methods, including:

  • Eye Drops: low ocular bioavailability, rapid clearance and potential significant patient burden
  • Injection: safety risk, adverse patient experience (travel time, companion requirement, extended monitoring / office time prior to discharge) and impact on physician practice due to time and labor-intensive nature of procedure.
  • Compact, elegant, and easy-to-use, we believe the EyeGate II Delivery System has the potential to deliver drugs non-invasively and quickly into the ocular tissues. Through the use of iontophoresis, it can accelerate the onset of action, dramatically reduce treatment frequency versus eye drops and sustain therapeutic effect.