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Our Pharmacy Services

Since the opening of our first pharmacy, our main principle has been to focus on the needs and wishes of customers. Listening to the requests and questions of our visitors, we gradually began to create services that make shopping at the Mexican Pharmacy convenient and comfortable.

Help in the Selection of Analogs

Most of our customers use certain groups of drugs on an ongoing basis and often turn to us for help in selecting an analog. This service is available in our pharmacies, and any of our employees can help you with this. To do this, you only need to tell the pharmacist the name of your drug or its composition. The employee will offer you all the analog options that are available and will help you make a choice.

They will help you navigate the cost and compare drugs based on price-quality criteria, and choose the best purchasing option. They will explain if there are any differences in the effectiveness or side effects, besides the price. You will also be able to see if one medication is more suitable for you based on the contraindications and other drug information. This service will be beneficial if you need help choosing the right over-the-counter drugs that do not require a doctor’s prescription, in accordance with your needs.

You can use this service to select analogs directly at our pharmacy or by calling or writing to us using an email or contact form. An employee will answer you online and help you choose an analog.

Convenient Online Shopping

Electronic prescriptions may now be filled online, patient information can be easily tracked, and pharmaceutical processing is now automated thanks to advanced technologies. What can be more convenient than calmly and thoughtfully selecting the necessary medications, vitamins, cosmetics, and hygiene products and receiving them all at your home? Online shopping for medications helps reduce queues. Times have changed when a client waits at a pharmacy to buy medicine.

Pharmacies such as the Mexican Pharmacy are changing the game in healthcare. This is becoming more and more popular every day among customers. With just a few taps, customers can easily order medications anytime, anywhere. For your convenience, we even grouped the medications based on the illnesses and health issues they treat as well as created a category of drugs by class.

There are also other helpful features, such as the ability to compare medications, search only over-the-counter drugs, and check side effects, dosage, warnings, etc. Our interactions checker will help you ensure that the medications you chose will not interact negatively with other drugs you are currently taking as well as cause adverse reactions if you have any existing medical conditions. If you are not sure about something or would like help during any step of your shopping, you can always talk to our professional pharmacists.

Proper and Affordable Delivery

Medicines can be easily delivered to the customer’s doorstep in a relatively short time. At the same time, we do our best to ensure that the medications arrive to you in good condition, so they are suitable for the intended purpose. We know that the delivery of medicines is the transportation of goods, which requires compliance with strict rules. Pharmaceutical products can be moved by certain types of transport. It is necessary to create the correct temperature conditions, and carefully develop a route and a logistics scheme to avoid delays along the way. Thus, we carefully pick our suppliers and shipment methods.

All the medications our clients order are double-checked to ensure that the expiration dates are not close and that the outer packaging is not damaged. Then, they are prepared for shipment, ensuring not only the safety of the goods but also your personal privacy and protection. Accordingly, we package every order discreetly. We also offer two shipment methods, so you can choose the one that suits your preferences in terms of timing and shipping costs.

Extemporaneous Compounding

The use of extemporaneous formulations in medical practice provides freedom of choice for both the doctor and the patient, which allows for an individual approach to treatment. Thanks to the extemporaneous production of medicines, the pharmacy has the opportunity to prepare individual medicinal preparations for the patients who come to the pharmacy. Extemporaneous formulation also serves as a solution to problems for patients who are intolerant to certain components.

This service allows taking into account an individual’s disease, weight, age, individual intolerance, as well as the necessary dosage, which is not produced by pharmaceutical factories. Many drugs of extemporaneous formulation are used mainly to treat children and older people. For example, certain medications might not be available in small enough dosages for small kids or older individuals who have health issues and need dosage adjustments. In addition, these categories are often unable to swallow the typical pills, so they might require a liquid or chewable alternative.

Prescription Refills

A lot of drugs are sold at the pharmacy only after the patient provides a prescription with all the medication details, such as the active ingredient, its dosage, and how the drug should be administered. To prevent overdosing or otherwise improper use of the medication as well as expired medications, the pharmacies are allowed to dispense only a weekly, two-week, or monthly supply of the medication.

The doctor will specify how many times the patient can refill the medication. For example, a person can refill a medication every month for three or six months. After this time passes, they will need to visit the doctor to provide a new prescription. This ensures that the treatment plan is effective and, if necessary, adjustments are made.

When you bring your prescription to our pharmacy, your next refill will be a breeze as we will already have all the prescription information. All you will need is to order a refill and a new bottle will be sent your way in a timely manner. You can also request us to send you reminders when your refill time is close, so you can order your next refill ahead of time and have it delivered before you run out of your medications. Keep in mind that refills cannot be done too early; otherwise, the purpose of refills spaced by specific timing will be eliminated.