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Common Questions and Answers – FAQ

How do you ensure the quality of medical products?

We work only with trusted and checked suppliers as the quality of goods we receive from them is the key to our good reputation. After all, the better the quality, the more clients we have. The Mexican Pharmacy chain has an authorized person whose responsibilities include checking the expiration date of the medicine. This way, pharmacy customers can be completely confident in the purchased products.

Moreover, we try our best to ensure that the drugs are delivered without loss of primary characteristics while maintaining their properties. Not only the condition of each medication is monitored, but also the integrity of the packaging, quantity, and quality of the shipped batch. The transportation of medical supplies is considered successful if all the requirements are met.

Why is it worth buying medications at the Mexican Pharmacy?

The result of using certain medications depends on their properties, composition, and the integrity of the manufacturer and seller. We monitor all aspects and offer only high-quality medications because we treasure our reputation and the health of everyone who makes a purchase. Moreover, guaranteed low prices will save time that you would spend searching for cheap options and traveling to different parts of the city.

We have worked hard to make the shopping experience exclusively convenient and time-saving. First of all, besides entering the drug name you would like to purchase, you can pick a category of interest, which will quicken the search process. For instance, you can search only for natural products or OTC drugs. If you are not sure what medication to buy, you can choose Treatment Options and see a list of drugs used to treat cold symptoms, for instance, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, pain, or any other health issue.

Are there differences in drug names?

In Mexico, pharmaceutical medications can go by distinct brand or trade names (compared to the USA, Canada, or UK). Drug distribution and marketing strategies vary across pharmaceutical businesses. Accordingly, you should know the precise generic or scientific term for the medications you are purchasing. The greatest approach to prevent purchasing improper medications or doses is to have a prescription from a Mexican doctor with you. It is likely that the pharmacist will be able to suggest the right medication if you give an American or another name for the medication. You can also search by active ingredient.

What shipping methods do you offer?

Quick and convenient delivery is probably the main reason why people choose to order medications online. Thus, we try to offer reasonable shipment prices and timing. Currently, there are two shipping methods available: regular delivery and express delivery. Please note that regular delivery service is non-trackable in most cases. EMS service allows tracking of shipments.

We will send you an email to let you know when your order has been confirmed by our staff, properly packaged, and left our facility. After choosing a certain product, you can view all of our shipping costs and other details. The delivery will take from 7 to 15 days. However, if you can wait a little longer (14 to 25 days), you can choose another shipping method and pay only $10 instead of $30 for more expedient shipping. Please be aware that purchases are only sent on business days (Monday through Friday, except national holidays).

As you might realize, if you need emergency pills, ordering them from the Mexican Pharmacy might not be the best way to go. However, it is a great option for ordering medical products for health issues that require prolonged treatment or adding go-to medications to your home medicine cabinet without having to overpay.

What choices do I have if I haven’t yet gotten my package?

If you feel like your order is late, we ask you to please check your shipment method first. Did you choose a more cost-saving delivery method that would take 14 to 25 days as opposed to 7 to 15 days? Please be aware that shipping may take a bit longer for reasons that we have no control over, such as weather or issues at the shipping company. Accordingly, we ask you to please exercise patience here. Without a doubt, the package will be delivered to you soon. Almost all of our clients get their bundles. If the package is not delivered to you, please get in touch with us using any convenient method.

What types of medications are not allowed to be taken across the border?

You may purchase and bring antibiotic medications like Penicillin or Amoxicillin to the US, for example. However, stronger medications like Cipro cannot be transitioned across the border. These medications are included on the list of restricted substances. Drugs with a high abuse potential fall under the category of controlled substances.

The border officials won’t allow you to cross with these medications, even if you have a prescription from a US or Mexican doctor. At the same time, this means that you are permitted to import prescription drugs for personal use from Mexico that have been cleared by the FDA into the US and save money.

How do you ensure client’s privacy and security?

Modern security encryption technology is employed by our online ordering system. As a result, our clients may be certain that their sensitive information is secure. When our customers make a purchase, a 256-bit secure connection is used to transmit all the data you entered on the checkout page to the server.

We place a lot of significance on the safety of credit card information. Your payment card information will be processed with the utmost security, as promised. Moreover, any data supplied by our clients is never transferred, sold, or disclosed to a third party. We have many happy clients who have been using our services for a very long time.

What is your return policy?

We understand that there are cases when you might have ordered the wrong medication or dosage, or are simply unsatisfied with the purchase you have made. Unfortunately, the law prohibits us from accepting returns as the medications could have been tampered with. We do our best to offer medications only from trusted and reliable manufacturers and meet all the requirements of proper storage and transportation. On your part, we ask you to check the order carefully before clicking the confirmation button and letting us know as soon as possible if you would like to change the order. In the best-case scenario, your order would not be shipped yet and we will be able to accommodate your requests.

Do I need a prescription to buy medications at Mexican Pharmacy?

Although many medications are available without a prescription in Mexico. In other words, Mexico offers over-the-counter sales of various American prescription drugs. Even if the prescription is actually required, you can typically easily get a prescription from a doctor who works alongside the pharmacy. If you are traveling in Mexico, your prescriptions from abroad might also be valid.

If you cannot currently obtain a prescription, we suggest talking to our pharmacists and seeing if there are over-the-counter alternatives that can help you deal with the problem until you are able to get a proper diagnosis. For example, we can suggest some drugs that will help you deal with a stuffy and runny nose, watery eyes, or itching until you are able to get an appointment with a dermatologist to determine and eliminate the cause behind the body’s allergic reaction.

How do I check the availability of my medication?

The Mexican Pharmacy tries to stock a wide range of medications to meet all the requests of its clients. We also do our best to keep our database up to date to ensure that you the exact amount available for purchase. Our staff is available to talk about medication availability, including delivery options. If it so happens that the medication you need to buy is currently out of stock or not sold in our pharmacy, the pharmacists are ready to talk about generic substitutes or alternatives. They can also discuss analogs for prescriptions that might be too expensive, not covered by your health insurance, or no longer be available, as needed.

How do I place and check an order?

Advanced technologies have made it possible to track patient records, and electronic prescriptions online, and automate the processing of medications. You may look for the item using the Search function, product categories, or product list in alphabetical order.  You would then select the appropriate dose and amount, then click “Add to cart”. You will be taken to our secure site, where you can finish placing your order and safely enter your shipping and payment details.

A confirmation email will be in your Inbox right away if your payment was successfully processed, as well as another email after your product has been shipped. This email includes details about the transaction and a link to our customer care ticket website, where you may monitor the progress of your order.

What medications do you sell?

Our pharmacies include both well-known and uncommon drugs and medical supplies, including a large range of pharmaceuticals that aid those who experience pain from a variety of causes, as well as erectile dysfunction, diabetes, sleeplessness, allergies, and others. You may get vitamins, supplements, and medical cosmetics at any one of our pharmacies. We suggest checking out our catalog, which is conveniently categorized and if you do not find what you are looking for, contact our customer support service.

What are generic drugs and why are they cheaper than brand-name ones?

A generic is an analog, a “copy” of the original drug. A generic drug works on the same principle as the original drug. When creating a generic drug, a chemical substance is copied. This is the active pharmaceutical ingredient of the original drug, which is responsible for the medicinal effect. A generic drug must have the same dosage form and the same amount of active substance as in the original.

A generic drug can only be created when the patent protection of the original drug expires. While the patent is valid, it is illegal to copy the medicine. It is the patent along with research, development, testing, marketing, and other activities that raise the cost of the original medication. When producing generics, the pharma companies no longer have to incur these costs, transferring these savings to the end customer.

Do you refill prescriptions?

Filling prescriptions, including prescription refills, is one of our services. Once we receive your electronic or physical prescription, we will check the information, including the prescriber’s information, your name and other information, medication information, and the number of refills. If everything is fine with the prescription refill requirements, we will process the order as usual and ship the medication to you.

How can I reach out to you if I have a question or concern?

You may get in touch with us by phone, email, or using the contact form on our website. You may get help from our customer care representatives Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM.

We hope that our FAQ has answered any of your inquiries and concerns. You should not hesitate to contact us if you require any more help. We want your experience buying medications at Mexican Pharmacy to be as easy and stress-free as possible.