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Why are our prices low?

We know how important it is to not stand in front of a choice between buying necessary medications and having enough financial resources to meet other life needs. In our online pharmacy, you can buy medicines inexpensively. The pricing policy is structured in such a way that low prices for medications are one of the ways to satisfy customer demand without losing the quality of goods and services.

Our ability to provide reasonable prices is a result of obtaining our goods straight from the manufacturer. Having collaborated for many years with reliable suppliers, without huge financial costs for staff, salaries, and rent of premises for a pharmacy store, we do everything possible so that you can order the necessary medicines at the best price. Moreover, you will realize that you are also able to purchase vitamins, beauty, and other products.

In addition, many medications sold at the Mexican Pharmacies are the so-called generics. Invented for the first time and a patented drug is called original or branded. If a drug enters the market and receives a license, its price is usually quite high. After the patent protection for the original drug expires, other pharmaceutical companies can use its chemical substance to create a similar drug – a generic. Generics are cheaper since their manufacturing and license do not require the same financial resources spent on the development and release of the original drug.